Bubba's Catering


Elegant Lunch or Dinner Menu

 Chef Designed Buffets
Price includes salad, yeast rolls, dessert, and iced tea as well as disposable ware and ice.

$25.95 per person

Chicken dijonnaise                                                                                Pecan crusted Tilapia  

Teriyaki tenderloin tips                                                                          Beef kabobs

Green beans with roasted red peppers and garlic                                   Sesame broccoli

Rosemary potatoes                                                                               Augratin potatoes



Paneed chicken (crusted with pistachio and amaretto butter)                 Grilled chicken piccata

Grilled salmon with cucumber relish                                                       Flank steak with blue cheese gratin

Medley of vegetables                                                                            Snow peas with garlic dressing

Portobello risotto                                                                                  Scalloped potatoes   


Design Your Own Buffet

Choose a salad, two entrees, two vegetables, and dessert  



Spinach salad with hot bacon dressing                                                               Traditional caesar

Greek salad with feta and kalamata olives                                                          Cobb salad

Mesculin salad with dried cranberries and toasted pecans                                  Corn bread salad   

Seven layer salad                                                                                              Crunchy Asian slaw



 Chicken Dishes

Crab Stuffed chicken breast                                                                                    

Chicken dijonnaise                                                         

Paneed chicken crusted with pistachios  and amaretto butter

Breast of chicken filled with spinach, montrachet, and pine nuts

Chicken parmesan

Chicken Mediterranean

Chicken piccata

Chicken Marsala

Grilled Chicken with wild mushrooms 


 Beef and Pork Dishes

Beef kabobs                                                                  Teriyaki tenderloin tips

Stuffed pork with ham, gouda and peppers                     Rib-eye steaks

London broil                                                                  Peppered sirloin tips with burgundy and shallots

Grilled flank steak with blue cheese gratin                       Roasted tenderloin hash


Seafood Dishes

 Scallops augratin over bowtie pasta                                 Pecan crusted tilapia

Blackened catfish with three pepper relish                        Shrimp and crab Alfredo

Grilled atlantic salmon with cucumber relish                      Seafood newburg

Pan-fried cod remoulade

Seafood risotto




Green beans with almonds                                            Roasted mushrooms

Yellow squash and tomatoes                                         Stir-fry vegetables

Homemade applesauce                                                 Portobello risotto

Match stick vegetables                                                  Anna potatoes

Caramelized onion mashed potatoes                              Penne pasta with marinara

Fresh basil fettuccine                                                     Scalloped potatoes

Asparagus hollandaise ($3.00 extra)                              Ratatouille

Green beans with roasted peppers and garlic                 Sesame broccoli

Sugar snaps in roasted garlic dressing                            Corn and rice casserole

Tangy green beans with molasses and soy                     Grilled asparagus with lemon and pine nuts ($3.00 extra)




Pecan pie with white ganache                                        Caribbean fudge pie

Black berry bread pudding                                            Tiramisu

Key lime pie                                                                  Cream brulee

Chocolate cream pie                                                      Baileys hazelnut pie

Sticky pecan cheesecake                                               Strawberry cheese pie

Pound cake with warm praline sauce                              Triple chocolate torte

Lemon tarts with cream fraiche and blueberries              .