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Box Lunch Menu
Cost is per person (does not include applicable taxes or delivery). For box lunch orders we ask that you limit your order to two selections
  • Deli Sandwiches
    Chicken or tuna salad on a croissant -$14.50
    Smoked turkey with provolone cheese on a kaiser roll -$14.75
    Ham and cheddar cheese on Kaiser roll -$14.75
    Roast beef with cheddar cheese on rye bread -$14.50
    Teriyaki chicken breasts on a kaiser roll -$14.95
    Grilled chicken breast with roasted red peppers and provolone cheese -$14.95
    Grilled portobello mushroom with pesto -$14.50
    Vegetarian burger -$14.50
    Focaccia sandwich- ham, turkey, pesto, and provolone cheese -$15.75

  • Wrap Sandwiches
    Club- ham, turkey, bacon, and cheddar cheese -$14.75
    Southwestern Chicken- black beans, shredded cheddar cheese and salsa -$14.75
    Chicken Caesar- classic preparation -$14.50
    Smoked Turkey- spinach and feta cheese -$14.75
    BLT- red pepper mayo -$14.25
    Catfish- boneless filet with spicy tartar sauce -$14.75

*All sandwiches are served with pasta salad, potato chips, a gourmet cookie, and iced tea

  • Salads
    Chef Salad- ham, turkey, egg, bacon, cheddar cheese and tomatoes over mixed greens $14.75
    Caesar Salad- traditional preparation $12.75
    with chicken $14.50
    with shrimp $16.25
    Cobb Salad- Diced chicken, avocado, blue cheese, pecans, and raisins over greens with parmesan dressing $14.95


*All salads served with gourmet cookie, yeast roll, and iced tea.

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