Bubba's Catering


Cocktail Food Menu



The Meeting

 Creamy spinach dip with homemade chips

Meatballs simmered with parmesan & sour cream

Tray of imported and domestic cheese adorned with fruit

Sausage Mushrooms 

 Cheese quesadillas

Hand breaded chicken tenders

Turkey & spinach pinwheels

Lemonade punch

$17.75 per person


The Wedding

Parmesan artichoke hearts 

Chicken teriyaki skewers

Flank steak pinwheels 

Bacon wrapped scallops

Roast round of beef with silver dollar rolls

Tray of imported and domestic cheese adorned with fruit

Shrimp and crabmeat cocktail

Assorted desserts and chocolates

Mixed berry punch

$24.25 per person



South Western

Chipotle lime spiked chicken skewers

Stuffed mushrooms with green chiles and shrimp

Black bean cilantro cakes

Tray of imported and domestic cheeses adorned with fruit

BBQ pork stuffed red potatoes

El paso layered dip with guacamole, pico, and sour cream

Roasted asparagus with chipotle cream

Citrus punch

$20.50 per person



So Elegance

 Fried catfish hush puppy skewers

Georgia bellies: bacon wrapped peach halves with almonds & balsamic glaze 

Blackened shrimp & stone ground grit station

Pork tenderloin sliders

Chinese BBQ chicken thighs

Macaroni & cheese cups

Tray of imported & domestic cheese adorned with fruit

Assorted mini desserts and chocolates

Golden punch 

$24.75 per person


The Gathering 

Greek chicken tenders with roasted garlic & feta

Rosemary scented pork loin with silver dollar rolls

Artichoke and sun dried tomato dip with tortilla crisps

Tray of imported and domestic cheese adorned with fruit

Shiitake and corn risotto cakes

Shrimp cocktail

Cheddar and olive bouchees

Eggrolls with plum sauce

Strawberry lemonade

$23.75 per person


The Hobnobbin

Gulf crab cakes

Mini beef wellington

Duck trap river-smoked salmon

Roast tenderloin of beef with silver dollar rolls

Spinach and feta mushrooms

Tray of imported and domestic cheese adorned with fruit

Athenian chicken roll 

Mediterranean shrimp

Assorted mini desserts and chocolates

Golden punch

$26.25 per person


Stations & Displays

Carved Items                                                               

Roasted Leg of Lamb                                $7.25

Roast Round of Beef                                 $5.75

Roast Tenderloin of Beef                           $7.75

Rosemary Scented Pork Loin                    $6.25

Hickory Smoked or Fried Turkey Breast   $6.00

Baked Bourbon Ham                                $5.50

Salmon en croute                                      $7.75

Roast Steamship Round                            $5.75



Fajita Station                            $7.75

Seasoned chicken or beef served with flour tortillas, cheese, lettuce, salsa & sour cream


Flambe Station                        $7.50                               

Bananas foster or cherries jubilee served over vanilla bean ice cream


Pasta Station                           $7.50

Bowtie pasta and penne pasta tossed with Alfredo and marinara sauces. Topped with your choice of parmesan cheese, julienne ham, bay shrimp, English peas, and roasted peppers.  Served with garlic bread.


Wok Station                            $7.75

Stir fried chicken, beef, or shrimp, asian vegetables, soy sauce and ginger accompanied by white rice.


Potato Martini Bar                    $7.95

Whipped new potatoes topped with creamed chicken, beef tips, or seafood, thermidore served in a martini glass. Garnished with green onions, cheddar cheese, bacon and sour cream.


Shortcake Station                    $7.50

Marinated strawberries and peaches, whipped cream and pound cake.


Caesar Salad Station               $7.25

Prepared in the classic manner


Fish Taco Station                     $7.75

Fried tilapia, pico, spinach, balsamic vinaigrette, feta


Alabama Nacho Station                  $7.75

Pulled pork, grilled chicken, quesso, and black olives


Green Tomato Station             $8.50
Fried green tomatoes, bay shrimp, surimi crab, green onions, crawfish, creole sauce


Macaroni and Cheese Station             $7.25
Four cheese creamy mac and cheese, bacon, Julian ham, salsa, bay shrimp, parmesan cheese, pulled smoked chicken


Hamburger Slider Station            $7.25
Grilled sirloin burgers, rolls, bacon, assorted cheeses, sautéed mushrooms, guacamole, Maytag blue cheese, and tradition condiments


Shrimp and Grits Station             $7.75
Blackened Shrimp, stone ground grits, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, bacon, and chives


Ramen Station             $7.50
Ramen noodles, spicy Thai sauce, ponzu sauce, cilantro, teriyaki shrimp, tofu, and vegetables


The above stations are tended for a fee of $75.00.


Hors d' oeuvre - Hot Selections

 Chicken                                                                 Vegetarian

Coconut chicken                                                                                   Fried ravioli

Chicken kabobs                                                                                     Spanakopita

Sesame chicken skewers                                                                       Parmesan artichoke hearts

Blackened chicken tenders                                                                    Cheddar stuffed mushrooms

Mini cordon bleu                                                                                   Fried green tomatoes

Smoked chicken quesadillas                                                                 Vegetable wontons

Chicken Provencal with tomato cream                                                 Vegetable spring rolls

Pot stickers                                                                                            Asparagus in phyllo

Chicken brochettes                                                                                Spinach and feta mushrooms

Chicken Kiev bites                                                                                Shiitake and corn risotto cakes

Jerk chicken tenders                                                                              Fiery Okra

Chicken teriyaki skewers                                                                      Macaroni and cheese cups

Chicken chimichanga                                                                            Grilled portabella skewers

Southwestern chicken tenders

Chicken satay with peanut sauce

Bacon wrapped chicken and cream cheese bites

Hand breaded chicken tenders with jezebel sauce

Turkey biscuits with fruit chutney

Saltimboca pinwheels


Pork, Beef, lamb                                                                                 Dips                                  

Sausage stuffed mushrooms                                                              Creamy spinach                       

Egg rolls with plum sauce                                                                 Reuben

Sausage balls                                                                                     Mexican

Thai meatballs                                                                                   Chocolate fondue                         

Mini beef Wellington                                                                        Crab and swiss                             

Andouille en croute                                                                          Artichoke and crab                 

Lollipop lamb                                                                                   Spicy cheese                                  

Peppercorn meatballs                                                                        Creole crab                                        

Flank steak pinwheels                                                                      Artichoke and sun dried tomato

Beef kabobs                                 



Seafood melts                                                                                  Artichoke bottoms with bay shrimp

Oyster Rockefeller                                                                          Shrimp and andouille brochettes

Shrimp risotto cakes                                                                       Crab cakes with remoulade sauce

Crab Rangoon                                                                                 Salmon cakes

Bacon wrapped scallops                                                                 Crab stuffed mushrooms

Hors d' oeuvre - Cold Selections

Cheese                                                                                    Vegetarian                                                      

Roquefort and walnut log                                                  Stuffed cherry tomatoes

Blue cheese wafers                                                             Assorted tea sandwiches

Pimento cheese on cucumber rounds                                 Crudités with dip

Goat cheese crostinis with bruschetta                                Fruit kabobs

Cheddar and olive bruchetta                                              Deviled eggs

Fresh mozzarella and tomato swords                                Texas caviar

Imported and domestic cheese display                              Fruit display

Brie and pear chutney tartlets                                            Candied or spiced pecans

Cheddar cheese mold with strawberry preserves              Pesto marinated ravioli

Roquefort and walnut log                                                 Herb stuffed new potatoes

                                                                                          Skewered tortellini with vidalia sauce

                                                                                        Basil grilled squash and asparagus                                                                                                                         with feta

                                                                                         Assorted desserts and chocolates

                                                                                        Array of breads with dipping oils  

                                                                                         Caprese Swords 

                                                                                         Open faced tomato sandwiches



Pepper seared tuna                                                                         Dips

Tuna sashimi ball                                                               Roasted pepper hummus

Assorted sushi                                                                    Smoked salmon

Lump crab on cucumbers                                                   Shrimp and dill

Shrimp and crabmeat cocktail                                           Spinach dip & homemade potato chips       

Crab crostinis                                                                                       

Duck trap river smoked salmon                                                                                

Oysters on the ½ shell                                                                    

Shrimp shooters

Shrimp canapés

Oyster shooters

Cocktail shrimp  

Gourmet spoons

Shrimp and artichoke skewers

New York bagel with smoked salmon

Belgian endive with crab, shrimp or smoked salmon

Smoked salmon canapes

Smoked Salmon and roasted asparagus pinwheels




Ham and sun dried tomatoes elephant ears

Rosemary scented pork loin with silver dollar rolls

Chicken salad tartlets

Cuban bread sandwiches

“Club” wraps

Antipasto skewers

Roast tenderloin of beef with silver dollar rolls


The Sweeter Side -- Delicate Treats and Chocolates


Key lime tartlets                                                                               Double chocolate lace cookies

Éclairs                                                                                               Chocolate dipped strawberries

Peanut drops                                                                                     Chocolate pretzels

Pralines                                                                                             Meringue kisses

English toffee                                                                                    Mini cream puffs

Pecan tartlets                                                                                     Buckeyes

Tiger bark                                                                                          Hazelnut truffles

Pecan turtles                                                                                      Chocolate swans

Chocolate cups with mousse and toasted pecans                              Chocolate cashew cups

White chocolate pistachio bark                                                         Chocolate dipped potato chips


Dessert Bars 

Amaretto cheesecake

Marble brownies

Rainbow blondie's

Chocolate peanut butter

Bailey's chocolate

Hello dollies



Lemon bars


$3.25 per piece with a minimum of 75 pieces per item.